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Welcome to the Talent Talk Podcast Episode 1!

The Future - 5 Trends shaping the Workforce

In this episode, we are tackling 5 trends of the future: New Behaviors, Technology, The Millennial Workforce, Mobility,  and Globalization.

One of the ways S. Benjamins & Co. is getting more active in preparing our community for these future trends is through our HRoundtable group here in Southern California. We thought it would only be fitting to have the founder and visionary behind the HRoundtable, Sherry Benjamins, talk a little bit about how this group is tackling these trends.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  1. How the five trends show up in your workplace

  2. How companies in Southern CA are handling these changes

  3. Challenges and opportunities with these new trends

  4. Quick Tip!

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