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The Road Not Taken – Seeking Engagement

There has been a lot of talk about engagement lately. I found many new books on the topic from Primed to Perform by Neel Doshi, to What you Really Need to Lead, by Robert Kaplan and then, On Fire at Work by Eric Chester to name a few. We know that motivating and inspiring our workers produces better results and this is a hot topic today. Here is the challenge; it takes time and intention to learn why people work and what motivates them individually to do great work. There is clearly a shortage of time.

I have experienced some of our clients (more than a few), who are top HR executives going from meetings, to 30 minute conversations and this past week, I had two great clients say that they plan 15 minutes conversations. The demands and pace of work has truly shifted. Technology, transparency and remaining competitive while growing business puts incredible pressure on HR and our people. However, how do we take the road less traveled or not taken yet? Achieving a high performing and individualized plan to engage your workers will not be left to chance any longer. The road on this journey is entirely new. It takes time to figure it out - get the voice of your leaders, colleagues, workers and strategic partners and then determine the fit with culture and belief systems.  If we don't figure this out, great talent will head off to new opportunities and as a search firm, we see career options growing.

We were in Vermont this past Fall hiking in a beautiful remote area and came across a sign with a Robert Frost poem prominently displayed.  It reminds me that you may feel you are in the woods sometimes yet new roads are essential.  But we have not traveled them before.  And in Robert Frost words; "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.....I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."   Well, you have to read the whole poem - it is wonderful and I hope it calls to you as you think about adapting in the new year.

Road less traveled
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