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You will be happy when…..

Do you find  yourself judging circumstances and events in your life?  Is your "judge" larger than life?  Shirzad Chamine, in his book, "Positive Intelligence" introduces us to the sage part of our brain and the saboteur. One of my saboteurs is the judge.  Shirzad offers a great assessment on his web site that is easy to take and gives you immediate feedback on the saboteurs in your life and the results of the judge.

I can relate to the "I will be happy when..." especially when you achieve something you are proud of.  Why not enjoy that moment more?  I quickly go to the question of what is next.   What happened to enjoying the now and celebrating that?    Now that I have thought about this more, I am incorporating being grateful and proud into my internal conversation and staying there with that joy.   This is what Shirzad calls the sage in our brain - much more peace in this thought and action for sure.   Read his book, it is insightful and great conversation starters with your partner in life or your recruiting team or executive team at work.

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