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Three Things to Stop Doing in 2012

Have you made your resolutions for the new year yet?  I like this time of year for we can reflect on the past and think about our goals for the future. It is like starting fresh each January.   What are you grateful for and what might you want to change for this year.  Here are three things to stop doing that might be thought provokers for you and I hope you add your own.

1.) Working on things that don't matter - Ask yourself if this work effort is producing a result that you and your company values.  If it does not matter and it falls into the category of "we always do it this way" then re-evaluate and ask thoughtful questions.

2.) Mindless networking - Are you adding up contacts in your social network without thinking about why? Or what value you might give to this connection.

3.) Falling into a "Get" mindset - Try to approach each interaction with a sense of generous giving and helping vs. getting something.  Rather than saying, "I need this from you"  try out "how can I help you?" and then see ways you can learn from each other.

Have a fabulous launch in 2012 and wishing you all continued success and learning.

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