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Reflection on this Labor Day: Value Yourself and Others

This is a great day to remind ourselves that what distinguishes us as employers is to help our employees feel valued.  This is more than a once in awhile activity.  It is much bigger.  This is about treating talent as equals and giving them full support in every aspect of their work.  They are probably not at work today.  It might be a day of renewing energy, spending time with family and breathing!

Tomorrow they will return to work. You have an opportunity to try out something new.  How about helping your employee feel connected to the bigger picture. Listen more and find out what they are passionate about.   Very few leaders spend time answering “what’s in it for me questions”  for their employees.  We are great at perfecting the customer mind-set and measuring customer “satisfaction.”  I suggest that we start creating more effective customer cultures by focusing less on the customer and more on ourselves and our employees.

When you walk into a business for the first time, do you sense if people love being there?  How are we helping others to be their personal best?  They will look to the leader and see if it matters to them personally as well as those in the company.  On this Labor Day, reflect on what makes you smile, where your energy is the best and if your employees feel connected to a bigger picture that includes them.  By the way, candidates who are interviewing  with you for new positions, are highly effective in reading the culture and positive energy or not, in your company.

I just read, All In, by Adrian Gostick – one of my clients is giving this book to all their employees.  Great idea for discussion  about valuing others .  Read the “Root for Each Other” chapter. It offers wonderful tangible steps for being appreciative and saying it when it matters.

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