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More CEO’s expect to hire in 2012

Finally the outlook seems to be consistently improving. It isn't a guarantee but frankly we see a positive trend as our clients add to their staff. They still aim for "rock stars" and seasoned experts in a range of fields. We are busier with HR searches than I could have predicted. What are our clients looking for? - Business savvy - have you experienced building a plan, implementing a strategy and competing for talent? - Adaptability - where have you responded to shifting business demands? what did you learn? - Talent management - define the talent cultures you have thrived in?

Clients are holding out for HR leaders who "get it" - they see the connection at the senior leader level and insist on someone who can interpret financials, as well as translate them into a people plan that everyone can get behind. They place a huge value on HR leaders who build team and capability. That is a great sign for all of us.

Assessment of candidates is also changing - there are more simulations, prepared behavioral interview questions, use of panels and deep dives into culture fit. Some assessments focus on strengths and others on cognitive ability. Be prepared for intense discussions with a prospective client even though many needs are "urgent." Best in class organizations are getting better at engaging talent. Now, let's see if we can take a short and long view on this issue for this shortage of critical skill is here to stay.

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