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Managers owning talent – Refreshing!

This past week I was fortunate to work with a management team (Directors and their managers) to introduce the concept of "selling your value proposition" when conducting a search for a new or open position on your team.  It was in some ways surprising to see the "aha" was when we asked them to change their perspective on what matters in a job posting or marketing message.  We know that  "what's in it for the candidate"  is essential today rather than what the company needs.

We are so used to creating a job posting that lists lots of requirements and what the company needs from this person.  It is so rare to see the other, "how can we support you in getting what you need in your career."  This team was open to the concept and we actually created some great authentic stories about what their candidate may get to do and learn if they join them.  Congratulations to this team and huge kudos to the HR leader who sees that this must be led by managers.  They know the value they are offering!  It takes a little bit to move that from their head to their heart and then share it, but it moves them to a better place for sure.

Whats in it for them
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