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Looking Outside the HR Bubble for Engagement

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We recently attended the TEDXOrangeCoast event and found ourselves immersed in topics ranging from pancreatic cancer tests to cowboys riding comets (yes, you read that right). The speakers varied from Directors of national initiatives to a 13 year old piano phenom who is still trying to balance homework with her social life. The power of TED productions is that they force you to put yourself in the mindset of innovation outside your professional specialty and beyond your go-to industry articles or blogs.   TEDX events are an incredible phenomenon in which there are literally hundreds of people in one room looking to be inspired, motivated, and frankly, have their minds blown. You won't find that kind of electricity, anticipation, or expectation in an all-hands meeting.

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TED is also unique because it crosses generational, technological,  educational, and organizational boundaries. There are engineers, artists, HR professionals, teachers, coaches, students, and more all listening to and absorbing messages from one source.  Can you imagine the power of reproducing this within your organization?! If you could break down organizational boundaries in a way that left an entire organization mind blown and oozing with curiosity, many would argue you have made it to Human Capital euphoria.

We don't have the answer of how to make that happen, but it is always helpful to step outside of the HR bubble and look at alternate ways to unite, inspire, motivate, or  change a team.

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