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Leaders connect ideas through storytelling

We all get to offer up ideas to our boss or our colleagues.  Sometimes we revert to Powerpoint (PPT) to help communicate the idea and all the details.  Lately I see more leaders reducing their time in boring PPT's and more time in word pictures, video or simply telling a story.   Imagine sharing your idea with an amazing amount of emotion - enthusiasm and compelling emotion - the kind you experience in a great screenplay.

Robert McKee, the world's most recognized screenwriting lecturer and professor at USC, suggests we use story to persuade, engage and influence our employees to action.  CEO's are spending more time in communication coaching - learning about their emotional state when telling a story that might drive results in a new way.

Candidates can tell stories too - I recommend that they be practiced and they will truly set you apart.  Hiring Managers and search consultants will thank you.

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop facilitated by a highly respected friend and successful business leader, Peter Meyers.  He teaches "high stake communication and story telling" with some of the best theater and acting coaches ever.   We spent the first hour of our work together without any Powerpoint or notes.  Sounds scary but we learned a structure that supported telling a story.

Peter wrote a great book with simple ideas that helps you discover your inner voice and the story inside you that will convey an idea powerfully.  His book is As We Speak by Peter Meyers and Shann Nix.  A great tool.

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