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Happy Bosses Day!


Today (October 16th) is Bosses Day! We thought it would be nice to get on the hallmark holiday bandwagon and celebrate our founder and visionary, Sherry Benjamins. If you are reading this you have probably heard of the legend that is Sherry Benjamins. As one of our clients said recently, "If you are in HR in Orange County, LA, or Denver, Colorado, you know Sherry".  She has a knack for being the ultimate confidant, cheerleader, adviser, and friend to so many people. Some of us have known Sherry for decades and others have known Sherry for a much shorter time, but her imprint on our work, spirit, and career is the same. She is a magician at finding great talent, a commander in consulting, and an artist at bringing talent together.

Clients have often relied on Sherry to deliver results:

"Sherry is not only well networked but she can be relied on to deliver outstanding results. Sherry is a go-getter with a great attitude and manages a team that uses a flexible and cost effective recruiting model to partner with clients. She is truly a pro when it comes to developing an effective and customized recruiting strategy and model."

"I count Sherry as a valued mentor, colleague and friend and would highly recommend her company for the BEST solutions in the Talent Acquisition space."

"She understands what it takes to have a world class function and has helped many organizations strategically upgrade their organization by upgrading their staffing function. She is the best."

... and her employees look to Sherry as an industry expert and a true visionary:

"Sherry continually invests her heart and soul into the talent business. Her passion is infectious and our team has a level of respect for her that is unparalleled"

"Sherry has always inspired me to be the greatest consultant and partner to our clients as I can be. She has a depth of knowledge about HR that many could only dream of"

"Sherry has built her business on relationships and that makes a great atmosphere to work in. She gives me the tools I need to be successful in my job and is willing to try new things. She is authentic and genuine and I count it a privilege to have such a great boss and mentor!"

It is rare that a leader is able to consistently deliver results and build relationships the way Sherry has. We are eternally grateful to her for the amazing work she has done and continues to do. On behalf of the entire SBCo team, we wanted to wish our boss and very happy Bosses day!

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