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Experience is Overrated

A recent interview with Chief executive , Jeff Fluhr of Spreecast (a social video platform) in the NY Times, was refreshing for he says cultural fit, chemistry and creativity are more important that background and experience.

As growing demand for technical and top leadership talent grows over the next few years, let’s think about this aspect of finding folks that have the level of optimism and self awareness that research has shown matters in performance.

Recruiters have a responsibility to talk about the elephant in the corner – that is, experience is overrated.  We find ourselves tackling tough searches and half way through, the client will say, “we have an internal candidate that has surfaced.”  They were there all along, right?

Then, we also have enlightened clients.  We are working with one right now that says EQ is more important than where the leader gained experience.  This was music to our ears and also presents new challenges in search. I will take the challenge eagerly.

Conversations about career, helping employees map out career and teaching line managers that this is really important to new hires, will become part of the HR agenda.  Companies who compete for talent and keep the best, will start this early and not offer it when it is too late.  Thank you to The New York Times “Corner Office” to highlight great leaders who are stepping up to share their vision for talent.  What is yours?

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