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Courageous Conversations with Ourselves

I had the opportunity to attend a conference yesterday hosted by Milestones and my friend Sonya Kemp, who provides HR consulting for their clients.  The guest expert was David Whyte. David is an internationally known author, poet and corporate catalyst.  He helps leaders see the qualities of  courage and engagement; qualities needed to respond to chaotic and difficult times.  He touches the heart and soul by using poetry to connect with the leader with us on a human level.

I read David's book, "The Heart Aroused" when I was thinking about leaving corporate America over 15 years ago.  He helped me take the courageous path.

David says, "we are on lonely and courageous paths - along the way they unfold. Our conversation with life is made by our intentions."  It may sound ethereal but how often do we really know where the path is heading, especially today in constant change.  Sometimes, it is best to trust and go forward on the one "small piece of ground you know."  Read his books and poems.

If your conversation is not working for you, stop it and then put yourself into the unknown, or maybe with a small sense of where you might be headed and trust the rest.   That is pretty darn courageous but why not?

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