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Are you busy but not productive?

Are you familiar with the premise that 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort?   This is a great reason to be clear on how you  spend your time.  Your effort pays off directly in connection to your intentions.  However, it is not easy to say no to the non-essential stuff.  I am guilty of that and constantly have to re-focus and ask myself, "what is most important?"

This past week I decided to take a few hours in the day to find some quiet time and re-focus.  I am finding that getting away from the "busy" of our work life and work space helps me be more productive for sure.  This is not a surprise. How often do you do this?  I enticed my husband to drive up to the Getty and see the Jackson Pollock piece that has been re-furbished.  It is called Mural and was designed in 1943 for Peggy Guggenheim's entry hall of her home.   The picture here is the poster of this for there are no photos allowed of this 97 x 238 in masterpiece.

It is an amazing painting and the beginning of Jackson Pollock's unique painting technique but done on a very large canvas requiring innovative techniques to get i

t done let alone execute in first ever "controlled and non-controlled" painting styles that captivate you.   You are probably wondering how this supports productivity.  It is not just changing the scenery from the office to the incredible Getty environment but getting to see what Pollock created up close.  He created a chaotic and controlled piece that draws you in.  The colors, the texture and organic feel.  There is so much going on and yet it is quieting.  By the time Pollock painted this, he had experienced years of psycho-therapy to fight depression and alcohol.  He was fascinated with the internal workings of the mind.

Am I suggesting you drive up the Getty to see this?  Yes, absolutely.  Is it something that quiets the mind?  At first not really but then as you experience it, yes, it does shift your mind.  I do wonder how Peggy Guggenheim enjoyed this taking over her entry way of her home - quite intense for sure but maybe she found the same thing I did after being there with that painting for a bit.   Take the time to reflect, take a walk or spend a few hours at the Getty.  You will not regret this.  Now go for that productivity you desire with a splash of creative thinking after you have found quiet time for yourself.

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