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What is your PQ Score as a Recruiter?

Shirzad Chamine, author of Positive Intelligence,  introduces the "operating system" that coaches us how to raise our level of effectiveness and happiness.  He says that  Positive Intelligence reps or PQ activities increase our sense of well being and creativity.   The relationship between performance and PQ is straightforward.  PQ activities can be as simple as taking a walk, calling a friend or as I did yesterday, taking a few hours to visit a museum. Wow, what a treat to allow myself that freedom.  When you return to work, you find new energy, ability to tackle a previous problem with new focus and just feel more centered.

As a Recruiter, we are always aiming for higher levels of performance which is all about enhancing skill, knowledge, applying experience, building networks and being creative.   Creativity is needed in this recovering highly competitive talent market.

The recruiting challenges are greater now than ever before given the hot skill shortage and the fact that great talent always has a choice. In order to raise your success rates and your positive energy in order to tackle these challenges, we recommend Shirzad's suggestion for appreciating what your talents are, developing ways to improve and  enjoying the ride.  That also means asking for help, sharing best practices and being a continuous learner.   I meet so many Recruiters that are stressed and worry about outcomes.  Yes, it is clearly a performance sport, and yet, requires significantly more creativity today than ever before.  Partner with a marketing guru or someone you respect in the customer experience world.  Recruiting is now all about CRM and building a brand that engages talent.  Learn from this other business function and share successes.  What will you do today to build your PQ?

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