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What is your intention?

Yesterday I was delighted to be a guest at an executive retreat for Alumni of the Drucker School in Claremont.  We met in this beautiful new conference center that was state of the art.  Dr. Jeremy Hunter who has facilitated learning events for us here in OC was kind to invite me as his guest and he facilitated the all day workshop.

There were 40 professionals and business owners from impressive organizations and some had taken Jeremy's class in the EMBA program and others new to this. 

Jeremy teaches mindfulness and he developed this program for Drucker over ten years ago.  They are way ahead of other executive development programs in the country.

Our topic today was mindfulness and getting results we want by understanding how to place our focus on things we want, rather than react to all the distractions of every day.  Sound easy?  It is not at all, as you know.  We discussed the Intention Result map and other tools and techniques that support focusing and understanding more about how we lead from the inside.  There are tools for achieving clarity and reducing resistance.  There are techniques that help us "appreciate"  what we know and tackle challenges without blame and negativity.

I was impressed with how open everyone was in discussion about their own changes and techniques that work for them.  It seems Drucker and certainly Jeremy Hunter is on to something.  There is a movement in corporate America that finally supports who we are as humans in the workplace. but the thought leaders in this space, like Jeremy Hunter are helping start this conversation.  We know from eastern philosophies that integrating mind, body and senses supports personal growth and grounding and diminishes the hopes to be better prepared, more relaxed and happier in reaching our goals, read more about this work.   Jeremy mentioned Dan Goleman's new book, Focus and another called Distracted by Maggie Jackson.  I know there are many others.

What gives you "light and energy" and how does your body respond?  What does your body experience when in flight or fight mode?  Working from the inside means taking the time to calm the brain, observe the body, learn to breathe and just imagine the results.  Sometimes it means facing what is uncomfortable without judgement.  As one participant yesterday said, "Just imagine what kind of world we might have if more of us came from this position of strength, humility and peace."   Another person mentioned the music they listen to and that their clients listen to and how telling that is about their life perspectives - happy, upbeat or sad.   Now, the question, "what is your playlist?" has taken on a new dimension for me.  I must confess that I love listening to Elvis Presley ballads!

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