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Wellness or Workplace – Top Candidates want to know

Wellness is taking on new energy in companies and in conversation with our HR colleagues.  The term is being applied n many ways.  According to Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder for the National Wellness Institute, there are six dimensions of wellness.  They are; emotional, occupational, spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual.  Together, they create an image of diverse and yet exciting ideas that will improve our workplace.  That might seem like a lot, so how about focusing on two or three that make sense to you and support your culture.

Wellness and workplace fit together.  The worker of the future will demand an integrated approach to their career and see well-being for themselves in three dimensional color!  It is refreshing to talk to a millennial about what they value in work and life.

One of our special clients and friends, Avery Dennison recognizes this.  I had the opportunity to visit Avery's new corporate headquarter in Pasadena this past Friday.  They left their lovely old campus near downtown Pasadena with oak trees and an amazing koi pond for a new contemporary and artful new building right off the 134 freeway.   The space is light, colorful, energizing and designed for collaboration and flexible working models.  Koi fish were such a part of the culture that there is even a simulated koi pond on one floor that represents reflection, appreciation for the past and welcoming of the new contemporary future.

I loved their work station approach with this tread mill and computer hook up! The space has lots of windows, red, white, wood panels, beautiful graphics floor to ceiling.

Mark Alders, VP Total Rewards, says that employees love the space and he can see the impact on performance and positive energy.  Also, when you are recruiting top candidates, they pick this up and see that the company values both wellness and workplace across the globe.

Congratulations to Avery in designing an environment that supports employees in feeling great about their work and their environment. Guest visitors feel totally welcome too!   Talent today has choices and this factors into all of the six dimensions of wellness that Dr. Hettler talks about in his model.

Working in and around people that enjoy the energy and creativity of their team members and do so in an environment that supports this can only mean better outcomes and more satisfaction.

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