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The Storm Makes You Stronger

This past week, we were delighted to have my friend, Jeremy Hunter, PhD, founding Director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute at the Drucker School of Management, facilitate our learning group of very talented, bold and bright early career professionals. Before I share more about the session, you may not know that Jeremy also leads the Mindfulness & Effective Leadership Certificate at Case Western Weatherhead School Executive Education.

There are two sessions in June and you will not want to miss this! They are on June 22nd and 23rd and you can find more information here.

In our session we discussed the inner capacity we hold during "the storm" we find ourselves in today. We don't have a choice about the pandemic. Our emotions around protests and injustices as well as the conversations we have with our colleagues offer us options on how we're able to manage through it. As you can imagine, we also talked about our relationship to discomfort and fear.

There could not be a better moment in time to reflect, breathe, connect and listen to what each of us is experiencing. Thank you Jeremy for your wisdom and guidance around intention and managing our inner capacity.

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