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The Shifting Power Base with Employer & Candidate – Kate Kjeell

By Kate Kjeell

“Why do you want this job?” That was the ubiquitous interview question a decade ago. Candidates needed to demonstrate their interest and prove themselves worthy of consideration.

The question that now needs to be answered is “Why should I take this job?” and it is the candidate that is doing the asking.

You don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to know that times have changed. We are collectively coming up on the 10-year anniversary of the great recession and nearing full employment. In addition, technology, social media and access to crowd sourced information on hiring managers, companies and job openings have shifted the power to the consumer, in this case the candidate.

No longer can any of us sit back with the mentality “if we post it, they will come.” Job opportunities need to be marketed just like products and services, and candidates need to be treated like your customers. They expect to be wooed and presented with a compelling value proposition.

This shift in power extends all through the hiring process even to negotiations around compensation. In many states, as in California, it is now illegal to ask about current or prior compensation. The candidate is entitled to know the compensation range without divulging any information other than their expectations.

To attract great talent, progressive companies are already changing their approach to talent. The early adopters will win. It is not too late to shift your strategy.

Here are four things you might want to think about:

  1. Value Proposition: What is the value proposition your company offers? Can everyone involved in the hiring process articulate that in a few concise sentences? A clear message that authentically engages the individual sees an improved response rates with higher quality passive candidates.

  2. Marketing Message: What is exciting about this particular job? What will this candidate get to do in the first year? Call us at SBC to learn how we market a role with a very unique and tailored micro-site. Our goal is to leave the job description as an artifact of the past and create a forward looking, digital friendly and compelling story so that ideal candidates want to learn more. Trust me – it works!

  3. Market Savvy Total Rewards: How does your company create total rewards offerings that match up with the market? In this competitive market and with more access to compensation information, candidates are savvy. Be prepared with an understanding of what the candidate wants balanced with your best thinking on an attractive offer. Act quickly. We are seeing more candidates with competitive offers than ever before.

  4. Back-Up Plans: What is my back-up plan to fill this position? Based on all the factors outlined candidates do have multiple offers. This leads to offers that may be declined or your need to explore a counter-offer. Be prepared to engage with multiple candidates so that you have alternatives in this tight talent market.

The rules of the hiring game are ever changing. You have the opportunity to adapt and excel in successful hiring. It will take some strategy, selling and astute selection. Those of you adapting will thrive while seeing others go the way of Blockbuster Video, Polaroid or Tower Records.

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