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The Next Influential Brand is YOU

Our team is always striving to keep up with the latest trends in all aspect of search. We recently tuned into to a webinar hosted by Glassdoor and found out some compelling statistics:

  1. 51% of candidates have “buyer’s remorse” due to inaccurate picture of the job

  2. 70% of people trust online reviews for product and brands

  3. 95% of candidates are influenced by brand reviews when taking a job

  4. Glassdoor has 300,000 employer profiles and 15 million jobs posted

There’s no doubt that the number of jobs posted on Glassdoor is stunning, but we were really fascinated by the fact that 95% of candidates were influenced by brand reviews and brand perceptions. We know that this stat could be transferable to the organization’s perception of a candidate as well. At S. Benjamins & Co. we approach the candidate as their own brand. Sadly, we don’t find many candidates thinking that way when they go through the search process. The number of half-done LinkedIn profiles and non-existent Google results can be mind-numbing for our sourcers. Imagine if a company like Walt Disney didn’t have a logo, never updated their websites, stores, and theme parks with new and relevant products/accomplishments, and never responded to customer reach out. Our guess is that Disney wouldn’t be the industry powerhouse that they are today.

Our team believes in building an online personal brand that delivers the greatest Return on Relationship and helping our clients, colleagues, and network find their ROR quickly and effectively. Each time we work with a client to build their personal brand, we customize a launch plan and maintenance strategy to help them attain their professional goals now and in the future. Often, those goals involve transitioning to a new role, becoming an industry leader that generates original content, or shifting into a new career path.

Personal Branding Social Network

We think it is time for working professionals to see themselves as a brand worth marketing for.

Are you your greatest brand advocate or do you have room to improve personal brand?

Interested in learning more about our Personal Branding service?

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