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The Future is Already Here

Doesn't it seem like we are constantly figuring out how to navigate through unexpected change?  Experts in leadership development say that designing immersive learning experiences prepares us for the future.  Traditional training in the class room is not enough.  It is interesting to see more being said about leadership programs that create opportunities for personal growth....and "simulate" real world.

In one of the chapters of Bob Johansen's second edition of, "Leaders Make the Future," there is a collaboration of Bob's view with a foresight - based approach and Center for Creative Leaderships approach to preparing leaders for the future. CCL's model incorporates Assessment, Challenge and Support as key elements to learning programs.  Check out Bob's new edition if you are thinking about expanding  your development efforts.  Read about the "Ten New Leadership Skills" of the future.   We may not recognize leadership in this future he speaks to.

There are great examples of "immersive learning."  I wish we all had that freedom and time - to try out scenarios...what is HR doing to get this conversation about new leadership started?

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