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Talent Advisor or Process Manager?

It's time to redefine Recruiters as the Strategic Advisors they need to be.  The role that your recruiter plays today is one that helps leaders make key decisions.  They have an acute knowledge of the market and they bring a strong voice of talent strategy and planning to the hiring decision.  They challenge their clients rather than revert to pleasing them.  They build targeted pipelines and are called upon for their keen business and talent assessment ability.


So why don't we have more Talent Advisors?  Shifting from the descriptive to observation based assessment takes skill in selection that many companies are not investing in.  I don't hear of many companies that invest in the development of Recruiters on the consulting skills.  We spend the money on AIRS and sourcing technology.

Share your success story about developing Recruiters as Talent Advisors.  What has worked for you in shifting your process and transactional recruiting to advisory, business savvy recruiting?  Do you have Recruiters or Talent Advisors who have earned the right to influence their hiring managers?

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