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Remembering those lost to COVID written by my friend Paul Chiames

The loss of my beautiful sister, Terese, and the deep grieving is fueling an effort to set a COVID-19 National Day of Remembrance. She was a community spread victim in the earliest days of the pandemic. We have now had more than 219,000 tragic deaths across the country. Watching this pandemic unfold and what has happened to our nation since COVID landed on our shores has been heartbreaking and disturbing.   People are hurting. From the untimely and preventable loss of loved ones, from lingering illness, and to being financially disadvantaged. We also need to honor the medical professionals and frontline workers who have put their own well-being at risk to serve others. A Day of Remembrance will honor all of these people, and be a step in our collective healing. We have a grassroots campaign under way. Please support our effort. Visit our website,, sign our petition, note the resources for help, and how to write your elected officials.

Concept: Create a National Day of Remembrance to Honor Those Impacted by COVID-19  Purpose: Honoring all who have lost their lives, lost loved ones, have had their health impacted as COVID-19 survivors, have been financially disadvantaged, and the frontline workers and medical professionals who have put their own well-being at risk to serve others. Americans across the country are hurting. As a country we need to honor the hundreds of thousands who have died, the hurt and hardships created for millions more, and those who have worked to care for the ill and support those impacted by the pandemic.  A National Day of Remembrance, like the solemn annual marking of 9/11, will not be just a day to remember loved ones, it will also highlight the sacrifices so many people have endured to help their families and communities persevere through the pandemic and its financial impact. A National Day of Remembrance will be a day to allow for a public expression of empathy, appreciation and recognition that will unite us as Americans and create a spirit of healing for our collective recovery moving forward. Contact: Paul Chiames,

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