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New Year Wishes and Possibilities

It is that time of year when we slow down a bit and reflect on success and start preparing for what is next.  It is easy to think about starting the next race of 2015 rather than enjoying the moment of being right here and right now.  A new friend, Jullien Gordon, whom I met this year through a trusted colleague, suggests that rather than saying, "I  can't wait until...." consider saying, "It can wait."  I love that. Some of us get great energy by thinking about what is ahead and others cherish the moment and enjoy the fact that they are where they need to be and the best is now!  I am planning for more of those moments this year.  I can sometimes get caught up in that race I mentioned earlier.

Celebrations in teams, companies or in our families are there for a reason. Take this time on the last day of the year to reflect on your achievements that meant something to you.  They can be small or big.  Size is not important here.  I suggest celebrating that when you toast in 2015.  This could be part of a new ritual.  Where were the moments of greatest satisfaction and enjoyment for you this past year? Think about those events that brought meaning to you and how might those inform you about where you want meaning in your life in this new year.

Kate Kjeell, our trusted leader of the Recruiting practice here at SBCo shared a great book with the team this year.  It is called," Where will you be five years from now?"  I really appreciated this gift and how simply the book chapters move from creating a personal mission statement to defining what you will do with your talents. We are talking about learned talents and skills and also natural gifts that might become a new dimension of you.   What is your YouTube for 2015?

This is not easy work - it takes reflection time however, it is the time for you. Enjoy this day of your life!


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