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Metropolis – A complex sculpture that illustrates our pace today

I just had the pleasure of visiting the Los Angeles Art Museum (LACMA) and loved Chris Burden's kinetic sculpture, called Metropolis II. It is intense, fun and frenetic.  Feels like watching yourself on the freeways of LA.  Think about our pace, speed of thought and action....the artist captured it in this amazing sculpture.

It begs the question, "Do you feel like you are running at light speed literally through your day, week or month" and wonder if you are accomplishing what matters most to you?  The miniature cars speed through twists and turns.  It mirrors our own flight from one place to another whether you are on the freeway or not.  I attended a great webinar this week where Harry Kraemer, former CEO of Baxter and current Professor at Northwestern's Kellogg School, spoke of living our values honestly.  He suggested that every day, we ask ourselves, "What did I accomplish?" and "What am I proud of?"  He asks that of himself every day along with, "If I were to live this day over, what would I do differently?"

I love that reflection exercise to put perspective on this accelerating, email driven work world we are in. Read his book, "From Values to Action"  and also visit LACMA - great inspiration for the soul.

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