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Map External Talent Pipelines – 30% of top companies do this

Select recruiting organizations have evolved to impressive standards.  They have the tools, process and focus that for years they were unable to achieve.  However, there are still many that are operating in 20th century reactive models.

I just read a study reporting that 30% of top tier companies are mapping external talent pipelines.  They have committed to talent programs that require proactively developing candidates on the outside before they are even needed on the inside.  I talked with one company this week - that has cracked the code and their recruiters, led by a very business savvy global leader has focused the team on future pipelines as well as current needs.  This is not easy to do yet critical in talent shortage cycles like today.

The best organizations are focused not scattered, they move from today priorities to future "fit" discussions.  They may have enterprise wide plans yet local strategies or regional efforts that support clients in the field or in specific functions.

Even though organizations  have tried to centralize staffing, we still see the need for tailored, personalized by region strategies - each community or leader of a business may need something different.  This allows focus on external talent as well as internal talent.   Are the centralized mega staffing functions able to navigate with speed and creativity?  Let us know what structure works for your business and if you are one of the 30% that maps for external talent before you need it.

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