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Kate Kjeell's View on the Career Conversation

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Many of you know that Kate and I worked together for a very long time and now she has her own firm called Talentwell, Inc. I have such tremendous respect and admiration for the work she does and the values she holds dear. That is being authentic with her clients and candidates. She speaks with candidates, clients and colleagues about the talent market and all of the challenges they are facing on a daily basis. I decided to ask her one question and that is how the conversation about career is changing.

I wanted to share her perspective and if you want to learn more I know she is open to speaking with you. Her firm specializes in senior leadership searches in all functions with deep expertise in HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance and more.

Sherry: How are you seeing the Career conversation changing with your candidates, clients and colleagues?

Kate: Career conversations of the past were often focused on skills, training and professional advancement. In a pandemic world, the conversation has been turned on its head.

The realities of COVID and the possibilities of remote work have created an existential crisis. The question becomes, “If I can work from anywhere, where do I want to live and what would I want to do?”

Clients are finding they need to accommodate candidate requirements for flexibility coupled with meaningful work. Collectively, we are rethinking our careers, our relationship to work, what we do and how we do it. I personally find these new possibilities exciting and refreshing!

The desire for new and different work paradigms has added urgency to the conversation around internal mobility. Forward thinking companies are making it easier to employees to achieve their career goals without leaving the organization. As one client said, “Why should it be easier for employees to find another job or make a career pivot outside the company than it is inside?”

Very wise advice indeed. Feel free to reach out to Kate at About Us | TalentWell Inc.

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