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Is Your Head Above the Clouds?

Now that we are facing the surrealistic but real Coronavirus pandemic, it might be the perfect time to have our head above the clouds. At one time in the past, it might have meant to be out of touch with reality or to be a daydreamer. Today, those images of clouds whether real or in dreams might give us insight into how strong we are in the face of unprecedented times.

Do we have faith in ourselves?

We were in Hawaii early in March before all the virus restrictions were in full gear. As we flew home above the clouds I took this photo.

At that moment, I thought this was a peaceful image that was hopeful. I knew that the virus was spreading but I had no idea of the intensity of this or what was to come.

Now we are in full "lock down" or stay at home orders from our Governor.

Clouds take on an expanded meaning for me and hope is getting replaced with feeling ungrounded. Meditation helps. It is fascinating how words and images take on different meanings now.

David Whyte, author, poet and philosopher wrote about being grounded in his blog last week; he said, "This will be a test and a re-ordering, not only of our health and our political and financial systems, but of our mutual compassion, our willingness to help our neighbors, our willingness to work together and even more perhaps, our willingness to fundamentally change our societies to a more equatable sharing of both rewards and well-being." Thank you David for your wisdom.

I am not sure about the ground we are on at this time but I prefer to think about those clouds as a reminder of our compassion and ultimately our well-being. The support that many are generously giving others inspires me to find ways to also help and be there present in the moment, one day at a time.

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