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Hiring is Up – Great signs for California and all of us

It is refreshing to see good news in the LA times. Our Jobless rate fell to 11.1% in today's news.  Well, we know that there are many elements at play here but I can say that activity is definitely up and there are more opportunities that I hear about every day.

Clients are still quite demanding "ideal" candidate requirements.  I admire clarity.  However, it is our job as Talent Advisors to help our managers understand the market, and challenge assumptions about how much experience is really needed vs. culture fit and learning ability.  I just read "the Zappos Experience" by Joseph Michelli and love the focus on core values.  Even after someone is hired there, if in the onboarding experience they see a disconnect between their values and those of Zappos, they invite that person to leave.

As Talent Advisors, let's help our hiring managers define values and requirements.  Screen for both and assess capacity for change and learning.  These are powerful criteria for success in today's changing and chaotic environments.

My colleague, Katherine Moody has written a very insightful ebook on Recruiter as Strategic Advisor.  It will be on our site soon but if you would like it to be sent, please let me know.  Time for all of us to step up to strategic consulting with our hiring managers in a time when the demand for top talent is growing.

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