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Change can be with a little “c”

We had wonderful success this week when conducting the second of four sessions with experienced Recruiters who are passionate about developing their skills.  They recruit for a large tech services company that is taking development seriously.  Managing talent attraction and hiring manager relationships in challenging labor markets and high expectation management environments can be tough.  Add to that the stress that managers face when they are not able to hire the critical talent they need.  Katherine Moody, our search consultant and masterful coach helped this recruiting team take small but mighty steps towards collaboration, sharing of ideas and trying out new behaviors with simple tools to raise the bar in their recruitment efforts.

Small "c" replaces frustrations and begins to form new foundations for personal satisfaction at work.  We all aim for that every day.  Thanks to our enlightened client and one that is committed to empowering her team that we were able to help in this way.  The next hill to take will be de-briefing real time with the recruiting team. Stay tuned for more reports on this great process.

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