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Are Recruiters Getting the “Client Relationship” Right?

We have been discussing the HR business partner and client relationship for years.  Understanding the business and helping the client solve for their business challenges takes the HR professional to a relationship level that is critical for achieving a shared "people" plan.  The same  holds true for Recruiters.  We don't see the investment in teaching Recruiters this skill.

I see more invested in sourcing and developing new channels in finding talent, but little invested in the most precious and highest return on effort element, which is teaching Recruiters about the client partner relationship.  Katherine Moody, my colleague of many years,  has written a thoughtful summary of the challenges and what gets in the way of great client or "talent advising" when recruiting for top talent.  Read this and ask yourself :

Do hiring managers ask for your advice?

Do they respond promptly to your requests for information?

Can you deliver "bad news" without having to resort to a push back stance?

Do  you have the tools and time as a Recruiter to be a "strategic advisor?"

Read this ebook summary and we hope it generates discussion and ideas for development.  The Recruiting challenges of finding top talent will only increase in the coming year - be ready!

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