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Understand your Job before saying “Yes”

We know how carefully companies are about defining their positions and don't hesitate to say what they need from prospective candidates. It is time to focus on you - are you assessing carefully what the job is before you say yes.

A recent blog in Harvard Business Review from a McKinsey consultant effectively outlines what you can do to make the right "Yes" decision. He gets it right, make sure you know what you will be learning in this role. Require a discussion about the accomplishments that are expected in the first year. Are you sure what resources, coaching and support you will have to be successful. We just don't see candidates asking about this.

I know part of our role as consultants in talent acquisition is to prepare managers to answer these questions. We may harp on those that are too vague and want more about how this person will have impact. This is crucial work. Our candidates are not shy to ask and it is our job to have all that figured out. If we don't, they may slip away to another possibility.

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