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The new SBC - Sherry Benjamins


Hi everyone! It’s Erik, Sherry’s son! We’re doing something a bit different this newsletter to help ring in a momentous occasion: the official launch of the new SBC! I’ve been fortunate over the years to have witnessed my Mom’s business evolve in some truly progressive and exciting ways, always in support of others in how they can contribute to and learn from others in a changing workplace. I’m so proud of her for continuing to transform her business after twenty years of hard work and success. I asked her a few questions about this change to learn about what we can expect and where she plans to go from here.

Erik Benjamins: Tell me about the new SBC. How has it changed from what you’ve developed over the last 20 years?

Sherry Benjamins: Some things have remained the same. I still strongly believe in the power of relationships and the importance of connecting with others because this brings us joy and makes our work worthwhile. SBC’s new emphasis is to help my clients succeed, participating in a new conversation that asks bigger questions about how we work, why it’s changing, and how it impacts the decisions to keep great talent. The new face of SBC guides clients into a future of choice and action. For example, today’s talent may not bring significant prior experiences, but instead they'll grow into roles that might not have existed before. I'm committed to fostering a new leader mindset which reveals unexplored solutions.

Erik: What does it mean to you to focus on the human side of business?

Sherry: I started my career with a company that always put people first. It was a unique, values-based organization that invested in developing talent well before that concept was in vogue. They understood what I now call the human side of business. I admire leaders who get this. They develop and invest in people rather than seeing them as easily replaceable commodities. These are leaders who effectively balance purpose and profit while helping us look ahead and maximize our potential.

Erik: Tell me about your interest in Advancing Professionals. Who are they? How are they being valued, or not, in today’s work world? How do you imagine their potential in a changing world of work?

Sherry: The advancing professional is someone early in their career that brings fresh perspectives, incredible energy, global thinking and diversity to organizations today. They already make up 50% of the workforce and have 1 to 6 years of experience. They have a kind of possibility in their thinking that we desperately need. I’m committed to championing these professionals by teaching them to trust, build a learning community and grow their influence.

They can teach us about what it means to blend life and work as fully integrated pieces. Their eagerness to learn and lead represents our future landscape of work. Our job is to challenge them, hold them accountable and be their guide so that the spirit of “developing others” is built into the culture.

Erik: How did you arrive on the services you now offer?

Sherry: Talent strategy has always been an integral part of my work over the years, although it was more about recruiting than business. I have always approached challenges with a broader business curiosity and insight into the market.

What does the business leader or company need to deliver results, and how does that success play out in all aspects of the organization’s energy and resources? Helping companies enact this kind of strategy made sense. It’s also about working with individuals to clarify where their passion and energies reside. This balance between bigger picture strategy and individual empowerment ended up being the sweet spot. I get to do that in our learning groups as I help others share their ideas with peers which add to a richer collaborative experience.

Erik: What do you hope to achieve with this new evolution of SBC?

Sherry: I eagerly anticipate fostering new relationships and insight directed to a workforce that is now comprised of more youth, women and overall diversity. It’s an exciting time, the likes of which I’ve not seen in decades of organization work. I hope to influence others to take in relevant external trends and look at how we help people creatively thrive at a time when the future of work is changing fast.

Erik: Tell us about your relationship to traveling and how it informs your identity as a business owner and human?

Sherry: Travel refuels and energizes me. When I am in an entirely new place that surprises and delights all the senses, it allows me to be fully creative and have fun experiences. It’s also helped me not take myself so seriously. As a business person, I am a better thinker, people relator, and idea generator when travel is part of the bigger picture.

Erik: What are the things you do outside of work that feeds your soul?

Sherry: I truly enjoy music and dance. I am so grateful that my husband loves to dance too! I’ve also taken up the Ukulele to try out my own music making. It makes me laugh and I enjoy playing for my family.

In Conclusion

We welcome you to visit the new SBC and take a look at our new services, especially as it pertains to working with advancing professionals in and around the LA and Orange County communities. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and as always, our blog remains a vital source and helpful archive towards conversation about our work and its future.

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