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Talent Advising vs. Recruiting

We were delighted to have our Katherine Moody, Coach, Consultant and Search Guru facilitate a learning event for our Talent Acquisition leader colleagues and clients.  There is a growing urgency to shift Recruiter mind-sets from pipeline and process to consulting and advising.  The key to this shift?  Ask good questions.  Katherine shared critical tools, approaches and role-plays that bring this thought home.  Hiring Managers value deep dive questions about their business and needs for talent.  The days of reacting to a requisition without a thoughtful discussion about what is needed are long gone.

We were pleased to have sixteen top TA leaders join us for the morning.  They shared stories of success and challenge - they were open to new ideas and changing the dialogue with their managers. Congratulations on moving us towards the "business of recruiting."  Check out our site for Katherine's ebook with great ideas for changing the conversation with your Hiring Managers.

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