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SBCo May Newsletter- Weighing In on Global Talent

Weighing in on: Global Talent

The term "global" has inundated our workforce language and become a hot button topic for small, medium, and large organizations. Our world is reaching a pivotal point of interconnectedness. Six degrees of separation is now trending towards four degrees as technology becomes more accessible. With this trend, organizations are looking to capitalize in global markets, however many organizations are simultaneously facing a global talent crisis. The need for strong global leaders is rising while the talent pool is seemingly shrinking. Many of our colleagues, clients, and strategic partners find themselves scrambling to recruit, retain, and sustain global talent that not only produces results, but also cohesively blends a domestic and international brand. We decided to ask one of our recent HRoundtable speakers, who happens to be a global business CEO, how "global talent" translates in her organization. We also weighed in on how S. Benjamins & Co. thinks about global talent.

Recruiting Global Talent


- Sherry Benjamins President, CEO, S. Benjamins & Co.

Global Talent for a Mid-Size Global Organization "As a consulting firm with 40 people spread over 5 continents, global talent means having people with the right capabilities in the right locations to serve our

“Talent” is our core asset and my top priority as CEO is ensuring that people with the talent needed to deliver today and grow for tomorrow want to be part of our team, love what they do, and contribute over time to our growth as a firm. Because we lack the resources of a large consulting firm, we try to manage our company like a talent incubator – taking every chance we can to grow capability at a low or no cost. To do this, we treat each client engagement as a learning experience that can further develop our capabilities. We also tightly connect our business strategy to individual development priorities through strategic learning projects led by our consultants – we can’t afford to do otherwise."

- Alison Romney Eyring, PhD Founder and CEO, Organisation Solutions

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Zenith- Director of Human Resources St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare – Vice President, Administrator High Desert Brinderson- Vice President of Human Resources Dignity Health Medical Foundation – Executive Director, Bay Area Santa Monica Seafood- Director of Human Resources Jet Propulsion Laboratories - Instructional Technology Specialist

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