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Life is a Journey says Betty LaMarr

Betty LaMarr inspires us with her contagious passion for doing good in the world. She is the founder and former CEO of EmpowHer Institute, a non-profit with a mission to develop programs that support girls in developing the necessary skills to boldly break ceilings, embrace their voices, engage in social justice and end generational cycles of poverty.

She recently left the CEO role after 15 years and created this wonderful website for women over 50. Finding joy in travel (and yes – post pandemic!) provided the inspiration for her new blog. Traveling was Betty’s prescription for Self-Care.

Betty says in one of her recent posts, that “travel has a structure that offers moments of self-containment to spend time in your own company. This is a great opportunity to initiate and deepen self-love and awaken the desire for you to be genuinely happy.”

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