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Does Habit Hinder Inspiration in HR?

I am reflecting on habit after one full month of entirely changing up my diet.  The good news, I did it with my husband.  We decided to shift our cooking and eating 360 degrees.  I now realize the habits that we left behind were just comfy routines and interfered with foodie creativity.   Eliminating carbohydrates was tough at first, but now the options are so vast that it is actually confusing at times.

How do we find the balance?  That is the key for each of us.  How does this relate to HR?  Has the function been operating in habit for too long?  I think so.  I can see where that works for the transactional functions or where CEO's view the value add of the administrative part of HR - but that is a very old habit.  What is incredibly exciting today is that HR can inspire how work gets done across the organization with strategy and technology.  This is game changing stuff.

I had the opportunity to visit one of my special clients this week to learn where they are in their workday HR implementation. The potential for raising strategic impact in HR is huge with this cloud based system.  The operating principles and service agreements will change (it will for any system) and more important, this will drive creative thinking and re-invention.  And, new habits will be created too.

HR is having to adapt to changing conditions and business needs along with new conversation with talent.  Start asking why?  What is important to stay the same and what must change?  What can managers be empowered to do and participate in that helps them be more effective and engaged too?

I have to admit that I miss the habit of having my Biscotti with coffee.  But now I am really enjoying that Cappuccino even more and who knows, those non-wheat muffins may just be the most delicious thing I have ever baked.  What are your habits in HR that you want to change?   


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