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Are you optimizing teamwork?


Plenty of HR leaders are looking at big data and the critical elements that measure people  effectiveness.  I am not sure many of them are looking at something new in the HR systems realm and that is evaluating team performance.  John Boudreau, from USC's Marshall School offers great insight into the power of measuring collaboration and the power of teams rather than the old method of measuring individual performance.  A friend of mine, Gene Tange, of PearlHPS has created a software tool that will help the HR leader and business line leader evaluate the potential of a team and predict their ability to achieve mission critical objectives.

There are years of research available to measure teams but we don't see HR systems built to capture this.  This is another opportunity for the HR organization to add value and be credible as a partner to the business.  Your business leaders will understand this and respond with enthusiasm - they live with the uncertainties of team dynamics, finding the right blend of skills and wondering if they have the optimal team so that business goals are met.  Check out Gene's company, PearlHPS. Look at how "execution analytics" optimizes teamwork and changes the way your company is looking at what Gene refers to as predictors of organization effectiveness.  This is "team competence, goal alignment and continuity."

It is time for HR to let go of old or limted systems and processes that don't add value.  How about changing the focus of our work so that every effort is intended to support a business leader getting the results they want, rather than checking off boxes on programs that may now be irrelevant.  HR can lead this change and demonstrate what many leaders want and that is agility and creativity.

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