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What is the Quality of Your Attention?

Dr. Jeremy Hunter, Professor at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont joined our HRoundtable this month to facilitate a discussion about Intention and Attention.  We were energized by his passion and practical tools that many are now using.

What is the quality of your attention and how has that changed for you in the past few years?  With data and information coming at us 24/7, it is hard to imagine leaders are mastering this ever

y day.  Jeremy takes a practical approach and it is refreshing and "human."  Many of our leaders gave us feedback following the session saying, "we are using the tools and already see results."  Others said, " the energy I have to tackle the day to day has increased."

The model that Jeremy introduced starts with defining Intention, then, Attention followed by Awareness.   So, what shall I focus on?  Where do we place my attention and now, what do I know?  Next comes, "what do I see as my option" and finally, "how does that impact the choice I take and what I act on."  Jeremy teaches leaders to integrate this internal managing practice into every day life and leading.  Thank you for sharing this with us on our quest for healthy self managing. You are welcome to return any time to help us center, grow personal healthy leading practices and smile!

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