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The Open Talent Economy

Let's challenge every assumption you have about your workforce?  Imagine that.  Every assumption you have about how people come into your company has changed or will change.  A recent Deloitte Global Human Capital Report says that by 2020 more than half of your talent will not be working for you.

The growth of contingent, brokered assistance, consultants and external partners will help you run your company.  What are the implications for hiring what they refer to as "balance sheet" talent.

We already see a growing percentage of "borrowed" talent.  My consulting friends are quite busy.  In some specialties such as compensation, total rewards, and organization design, there is just more work than talent available.  We have not even seen the growth of "big data" yet.  Analytics and the power of this insight for predictive modelling, will be fascinating for I am not sure companies have the resource internally to tackle this.  I think open source networks are another unknown in terms of growth - share with us who is experimenting with open source networks, like Innocentive.  This let's you post problems and see solutions coming in from all over external networks.  There are so many smart folks outside your company too - how shall we tap into that going forward?

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