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New Year Commitments to your Career

We are well into the New Year and by now you have either made some of those personal commitments for 2014 or still in review of your game plan.  I have heard from colleagues, friends and sons and daughters of clients.  They have reflected on career plans and with the market somewhat better, many are setting goals for change in the coming months.  I find myself in more conversations about "what is important to you today" and then "what would fun look like tomorrow?" We don't do career coaching but in light of our work in search, we have a good pulse of the market and how companies look at talent and experience.

I find so many more discussions about "how to build satisfying work" into their careers.  It should remind us that great talent has always had choices and when things are looking up - they have even more choices. What commitment has your company made to developing talent?  Are you balancing drive to get the numbers with taking time to listen to what your best talent values?  I spoke with a HR senior executive yesterday who works for a silicon valley company that has repeatedly landed on the Fortune best companies to work for and a values based culture has contributed to this achievement.  As the year starts, they are re-evaluating culture in light of growth, expansion and change in their business.   This leader said, "with all of their success, we have to be continue to look at whether our behavior supports the values or is changing them."  She wants to understand what employees value and how to help them reach their goals.

Your employee decides the culture of your company - how carefully are you listening to them?  When it comes to career change in an improving market, I recommend starting the year with conversation.  What is important to them and why? Turn off the PDA and take a walk with your employee.

Ok, I will share what is important to me - continue Yoga, start back with ballroom dancing with my husband (we did that last week and laughed for two hours) , take the dog on long walks, learn something new (our team is learning more about high stakes communication from an amazing expert) and breathe.   With those commitments to me, I can be even better for my clients.    What are your commitments to yourself, your family, your children and your career?

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