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Navigating Today with Tomorrow in Mind

We currently have eight companies participating in our 2021 REACH learning cohort. Our learners, who are your future leaders, bring their curiosity and passion to each of the ten sessions. They come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and functions. As coaches during this journey of development, Tammy Sicard and I are regularly inspired by their passion for learning, and for contributing to others and to their organizations.

In our session last week, we were delighted to have special guest, Diana Hendel, former CEO of Long Beach Memorial Hospital. Diana shared her experience of leading through the acute phase and in the aftermath of a deadly workplace shooting. She shared profound insight into the effects of trauma on individuals and the culture of the organization that had previously felt safe, and the way in which that experience lead them to realize the essential part communications and decision making must play at such times.

“In our culture", Diana says, “we don’t often look in the rear view mirror.” We go quickly to the future and double down on the work ahead. In her book, Responsible: A Memoir, Diana shares the unique dilemmas we face as people search for answers to why. Even “micro traumas” impact our mental health. It becomes critical to make space for the discussions around our own personal trauma, coping and or our healing and return to some sort of baseline.

Navigating today with tomorrow in mind

We’ve all experienced a multitude of disruptions and trauma over the last year-plus. COVID became the relentless disruptor. But COVID, and the losses so many people experienced, played out amidst additional layers of disruption and trauma. Witnessing the death of George Floyd, senseless acts of violence toward the Asian American community, the attack on the US Capitol, and more.

As you make plans to return to work, decisions and communications will be focused on the welcomed transition back to work, and it will no doubt take into account the range of experiences and emotions your employees are navigating. Their engagement depends upon it.

If you are looking to develop leaders who are prepared to lead the organization through such times in the future your role is critically important. It is important to your company, to developing your talent and finding meaning in your work. We are committed to helping you develop tomorrow’s leaders. Call or contact Sherry or Tammy if you would like to learn more about future cohorts and check out our site:

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