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L.A Heat – Art and Culture Collide

Visit Olvera Street...and see this art exhibit at a hidden gem of a museum in L.A.  This art exhibit at a charming old building near the church, offers an amazing blend of culture, food and art that illustrates the wonderful diversity of our Los Angeles community.  When did you last visit Olvera Street?  I have lived in LA county for almost all my adolescent and adult life and I did not know that we had a Chinese American Museum.

I admit that our son introduced us to this for he is part of this art exhibit.  It delightfully highlights the diversity of our local scene with a look at L.A.'s food culture - Sriracha and Tapatio hot sauces.  He is a foodie, an artist and a professor of art at Loyola Marymount.  He explores the intersection of food in places of comfort between home and away.  We are still trying to figure this out but the expression of this stretches our mind.  Food creations illustrate our rich diversity of L.A.   Okay, I am proud of our son's participation in the show and amazed with the millennial turn-out. We saw the fun and pop themes emerge as 30 local artists relate to this hot sauce intersection and all in a setting that is transformed.  Olvera street has changed - a mishmash of Latino, Asian and others enjoying art, food and culture together.  I agree that there has been controversy with what the sauces represent but the L.A exhibition illustrates that diverse, heated and embraced difference is here to stay.  How does this translate to our world of work and getting talent together to enjoy different ways of thinking.  I bet there are some really cool companies enjoying this kind of multi-cultural intersection.  Let us know who you are.  And if you are not celebrating difference, here is a way to see it in action.  We applaud you artists, viewers and Los Angeles, please keep colliding.   

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