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Feel like you are managing boulders? Get Perspective.

Are there days when you feel like leading change is pushing a boulder up the hill? or around a corner? Today, I was able to see a 340 ton boulder on it's route to LACMA and this is literally moving the boulder. I learned that this is taking millions of dollars, creative road preparation and weeks to go from the inland empire to mid-Wishire. Isn't this a metaphor for change on a large scale?

Viewers in Long Beach were lined up to see the "Rock" rest on Atlantic blvd as it prepares to move at night to the next destination.

Several of my clients are managing HR transformations, they are moving boulders every day and it is incredible work that requires tenacity, patience, creativity and spirit. Watch this boulder as it reaches it's home soon in Los Angeles. There are crowds cheering it on, and you may not hear your cheering crowd, but it is there for sure. Kudos to you all dedicated to changing our work and our cultures so that we smile more.

The Rock