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Celebrate Chinese New Year or Attend an Amazing Workshop on Delivering for Impact?

Yes, it is the Chinese New Year and celebration in San Francisco is bigger than Macy's parade!  It was tempting to celebrate but I was in the city to attend a workshop which offered a big dose of learning, trying out new skills and meeting amazing people.

Peter Meyers, founder of Stand & Deliver hosted a two day workshop in San Francisco this past weekend.  I was fortunate to be part of a powerful team of executives who were all there to learn about "inspiring others" through communication and high stake conversation.  Peter's team on paper is an almost intimidating "whos-who" in theater, improv, acting, speaking and coaching others.  However, when you meet them, and work with them they are down to earth, very smart and incredibly engaging coaches who were sincerely and authentically interested in helping us raise the bar on our own communication.

Peter has designed an interactive, experiential workshop that "gets you up and doing" really quickly.  The personal transformation or improvement seen by the end of day two is pretty cool!   We are in teams and support each other through trying new skills and techniques.  It is very exciting to see everyone's growth and confidence build.

This is just not an ordinary experience about presenting your ideas.  This experience helps bring more of the real person to the information or idea exchange - I think it brings humanity to our work world.  We need more of this - Thank you Stand & Deliver.  Share your learning experiences in handling high stake conversations.  Do you feel more centered and happier to speak from the heart?

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