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Attract talent by focusing on something else

As a recruiter and deliverer of search services we strive to do the best for our clients every day.  There are minutes of anxiety, days of worry and mental prayers hoping the candidate and client match comes together.  Well, some of our team are far more relaxed about this than I am.  But that is okay for they are more successful at this anyway.

In the spirit of mindfulness, I have been trying not to get attached to the end result before it arrives

.  In a new course I am taking on line (Coursera - check it out!)  about Buddhism and Modern Psychology, I am learning about brain science and our genetic blueprint that drives behavior and our brains.  No wonder that mindfulness has taken off.  Our mind is not objective and it never stops wandering from topic to topic. And when we think we are relaxing and "chilling out" in fact our "default mode network" in the brain takes over.  That chatter in our head does not stop.

Will our candidate say yes?  Will the client make them feel special? Did I do everything possible to make this happen? Why did I make that mistake or whatever.  I have to try this meditation practice a bit more than my yoga time for then this detachment from all the noise and judgement might just give me a less reactive response to things we can't control.  A book called "Peace is Every Step" says to dive into meditation for it is an easy step. Start with this before every meal, "Breathe in, I calm my body," and "Breathe out, I smile (and yes, that means smile when breathing out."  Do this three times several times a day.  Some say it is transforming - I will let you know how it goes.

With the intensity of our environment and business world, simply breathing may be our gift of gold.  We focus on something else and pay attention to things we don't normally pay attention to, breathing for one - less is at stake and we are more objective and energized.

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