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Are you “Positioned” for Talent Acquisition Change?

The recently released book, "Positioned" by  Dan L. Ward and Rob Tripp offers a wonderful historical overview (that part is short) and fabulous current day case studies of strategic workforce planning.  The stories are great, the applications real and it speaks to the urgency in solving workforce challenges that are just around the corner.  Capacity and knowledge gaps can drain any company.  We need to be thinking now, as our workforce is aging and young entrants are trying to make their way in to fulfilling positions and new careers.

I find many of our clients reluctant to train and develop young talent -they want the experience now and the results now.  I think now is here and developing core talent will be what makes or breaks success in companies today.  The book highlights some great examples of companies that get this and are invested not only building strategies but doing the work of planning and engaging leaders.  We still have plenty of leaders who dismiss the notion of talent planning and re-deploying.  Read this book, talk about it at your team meetings and let me know what resonates with you.  Thank you to all the authors here in this book - much appreciated to those searching for what's next in talent that we must tackle.

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