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Are we developing leaders at all levels?

I had the opportunity to speak with students from a Pepperdine Graduate EDD program this past week.  We were to discuss learning models and methods of bringing executives together for dialogue.  Given that the students are working adults focused on developing their own skills and careers, we quickly moved into career moves, job search and connecting with great people.  I was impressed with their energy and commitment.  These are the types of talent we need - eager to learn, adaptable, open, passionate....companies need to move off of what i call "check off the box requirements" and to attributes, attitudes and values.

Bill George writes a great blog at Harvard Business Review on the need for developing global leaders at all levels.  He  emphasizes the importance of values and collaborative skills for leadership.  Read HBR blog on developing global leadership.

Take the time to meet students, learn of their interests and transferable skills. They will impress you!

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